FussFreeHome provides real estate search, listing and bidding services worldwide

About Us

FussFreeHome is a search and listing website for property buyers, sellers and agents. We also provide an optional bidding service for properties on sale. And if you are wondering, the first property listing is always free. Read on to find out more about us.

How are we different from others?

As a Buyer

➥ No distractions

This site is intended for users to search or post property or agent listings. We keep clutter to a minimum by opting to do away with advertisements.

➥ Compare properties across borders

We do not limit your search to any particular country. You can do a worldwide search to compare amongst properties within any region. Prices are denominated in the local currency unit if you search within a country and in USD if you search worldwide.

cross-border property search
Expand your property search beyond the boundaries of a country.

➥ Search for properties based on their lease

The price of a leasehold property is directly related to the length of its lease; a longer lease corresponds to a higher price. You can search properties based on the length of their remaining lease, and sort the listings according to their asking price per unit area per year of lease.

➥ Search for high floor units

Apartments situated at a higher floor command a better view. You can search for units based on the level which they are located.

➥ Find corner units

Some buyers place a premium on privacy. FussFreeHome enables you to search for corner units – be it an apartment at the end of a common corridor or a corner terrace house.

➥ Display using an alternate unit of measurement

You can search and display floor and land areas of properties using either the imperial or the metric system.

Display listing in metres or in feet.

➥ Choose among different map layers

FussFreeHome supports up to 8 different map layers from OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps so that you can customize to fit your viewing preference.

multiple map layers
Choose from a range of map layers to suit your needs.

➥ View prices of recently sold properties

Properties marked as sold are listed by on FussFreeHome to serve as a historical record and to provide a reference for both buyers and sellers.

➥ Contact the seller directly

If the seller is a property agent, her contact details will be publicly available on our website. If the seller is not an agent, you can obtain his contact details by registering and logging in to our website. We do not act as an intermediary between you and the seller.

As a Seller

➥ Create a listing for free

You can post up to one listing every year, free of charge. You may subscribe with us if you run out of listing quota. If your properties are sold using our bidding system, each successful sale will entitle you to two additional free listings.

property bidding
Launch an auction to avoid lengthy negotiations.

➥ Fuss-free registration

A name and an email address is all that is required to register and post a listing.

➥ Find a property agent near you

If you need an agent to handle the sale of your property, you can find one based on location and your preferred language. We use a system of reputation and experience to rate property agents on our website. Agents with good reputation have a good proportion of properties sold through auction.

As a Property Agent

➥ Advertise your services for free

In addition to the features offered to property buyers and sellers, as a property agent, you can list your profile and services for free.

➥ Earn recognition by selling properties through auction

FussFreeHome provides a rating system to gauge the experience and reputation of each property agent through the use of the website. You gain experience by listing a property; you gain reputation by selling properties through auction. Your sales reputation is computed using the ratio of properties sold to properties listed.

reputation and experience system
How experience and reputation are determined on FussFreeHome.